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Better Living Home, Garden & Lifestyle Show

Better Living Show Event & Features (Below)

Our NW Vegetarian Society. Keep up the good work!

Jim the Organic Cotton T’s Vendor in the “Vegan Village”.


Portland’s own Chef, Grant Dixon, owner of Papa G’s Organic Vegan Deli did a yummy demo.


Robert Cheeke the Vegan body builder and published author did a talk on

“How to Build a Better Body- The Sustainable Way”.


Mary’s Sponsored our little “Vegan Village”, such a proud moment to have these two rows!


They had Owl “Hoot” and Mr.Salmon walk the aisles sharing hugs and their message to not pollute!


The kids all got into their costumes and are now ready for story time.


All ready!


Once dressed the kids all marched in a parade around the big salmon tent.


Story time with Master Storyteller Will Hornyak. It was so entertaining about the animals and pollution.


What a way to end the day at the “Growing Gardens” booth. They offer family workshops on how to grow your dinner, munch and crunch and Super Seedlings. The kids loved their veggie game, pictured above.


Better Living Show Features

An Energy Trust advisor at the Better Living Show Energy Trust’s Good Energy Pavilion

Get your good energy going right here. Check out the latest systems for tapping into solar, wind and other renewable resources. Chat with an Energy Trust expert for advice on making your home an energy-saving superstar. And learn how cash incentives and tax credits can make green upgrades surprisingly affordable. Free show admission makes it easy to find your good energy groove.  details

Energy Trust of Oregon
Good Energy House Living Room -  Energy Trust Better Living Show NW Natural  |  The Blue Home

NW Natural presents a totally refreshed take on the show’s 1,100 square foot demonstration home. In partnership with Legend Homes and Progressive Builders NW, NW Natural invites you to experience affordable sustainability in new construction that doesn’t give an inch on style. Not leaving your current home? Take in many options to improve the warmth, comfort and style of your existing home today!

Visit the Blue Home

PGE charging station and electric car

PGE’s Electric Avenue

They’re here! Take a stroll down PGE’s Electric Avenue and see for yourself the vehicles that everyone is buzzing about. Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, smart, and Arcimoto show off their stylish EV’s. Brammo and RYNO prove that you can have even more fun on two…and even one wheel. And conversions from Voltwagen EPC and a local OEVA member show off classics–made better!  See the vehicles on Electric Avenue

Portland General Electric PGE
Ford electric vehicle Ford Drive Green Pavilion

Ford is proud to be the exclusive Automotive Sponsor of this year’s Better Living Show.  Be sure to visit the Ford Drive Green Pavilion to learn about the latest in electric and hybrid vehicle technology and Ford’s commitment to providing sustainable solutions for the automotive industry. Ford will also provide an opportunity for you to personally experience their hybrid and electric vehicles with an on site Ride & Drive!

Boy at Better Living Show educational exhibit Planet Kids

Bring your kids by for an experience of a lifetime. Meet one of the top eco-athletes in the world at the Better Living Show. Atlanta Falcons fullback Ovie Mughelli is challenging youth of all ages to tackle hisRECYCLE on the RUN game on Friday and Saturday. He’ll also host public autograph sessions (Ovie info). Radio Disney, Mt. Hood National Forest and other partners are also providing hands-on activities for children to discover, create and play!   activity details

Atlanta Falcon Ovie Mughelli #2 eco athlete

Organic produce Vegan Village sponsored by Mary’s Gone Crackers

Vegan Village continues to grow–and 2011 offers amazing new variety. In Vegan Village you will find an array of top exhibitors offering the best in vegan services, products and packaged food. All in a friendly and inviting atmosphere where you can explore the green and sustainable features of living a veg lifestyle. Stop by and sample a few bites–you just might be surprised!  more

Mary's Gone Crackers
Nation's first Small Standard Flower Show highlighting native plants and sustainability! Groundbreaking Flower Show

The nation’s first Small Standard Flower Show to highlight native plants and sustainability! Now this isn’t as difficult for horticulture since Oregon is naturally beautiful, but for floral designers that’s a challenge! Admire the creativity as they learn to rethink and design with sustainable material and native plants rather than those flashy, colorful tropical flowers.   more

The Oregon State Federation of Garden Clubs create with everything green in Oregon.

Explore Raw Vitality Retreat @ Mt. Hood

This was from our recent event at Mt Hood

The back drop of our view was this gorgeous golf course,

which was modeled after a famous course in Ireland.

The grounds at Resort at the Mountain were breathtaking.



Friday it snowed slightly then the sun came out and gave us this gorgeous day.


Here is just a portion of the clubhouse, which is where our event was held.


This was the view from our yoga room, which had floor to ceiling windows.

Does it get any better than this?


Friday’s Event Agenda


Chef Teri’s Raw Food Demo

The “Pub” room before my class started.

Starting my class on quick & easy snacks, no dehydrator needed!



Making Almond Blueberry Cookies


Almost ready


Having fun with the class


No, seriously almost ready,,,,



A couple of my attendees enjoying the: “I can’t believe this is good for me blueberry cookies.”


Booths & Classes

Everyone setting up their booths.


Bibi taught the Yoga class both mornings, which I sadly had to miss due to kitchen time ;(.


As if that wasn’t enough, Bibi produces these yummy kale chips!


Andy’s juice bar was a big hit!


The lovely Dr. Chapman did  foot therapy.


The ladies getting set up.


Tashi Rana’s booth, she also spoke later on “The Why and How of Raw.”


Thomas Chavez greeting our guests and sharing his teachings on Body Electronics.


Raw Food Chef Eric Christiansen and Owner of It’s Alive foods did a class on “How to Make Cultured & Living Foods.”


Eric has mastered the art of raw kraut!


Stephen Bailey, ND did a talk on “What You Need to Know About Juice Cleansing.”


Kendra Carpenter performed her class “Tuning Your Human Instrument With Sound Healing.”


Dave “The Raw Food Trucker” & Tresa BE Grace did a motivational talk on “Why Raw.”


The amazing Gabrielle and Thomas Chavez share their teachings of  the “Compass of Grace.”

Tashi Rana speaks about “The Why and How of Raw.”


Friday Night Dinner

Friday nights dinner was provided by the wonderful Chef Agnieszka Zoltowski.

I had a blast working with her!


Getting ready to plate.


Who needs flower power when you could have “Rosemary Power”?


Must be contagious?

Chef Agnieszka Zoltowski lovingly garnished John and I with Rosemary sprigs!


Sun Dried Tomato Tartlets


Tomato Tart, Fresh Greens Salad with Marinated Portobello.


Packed House!


During dinner we had the pleasure of hearing Kendra Carpenter & Co play while Jane Archer performed  belly dancing.


Saturday’s Lunch

Chef Shanti Moon, prep-ing away for the Indian feast she was serving.


Jeremy LOVES carrot prep! 🙂


Coconut Rice


Curry Slaw


Rylee lending a hand in the kitchen.


Starting to plate,


& Plate we did!


Always a good time in the kitchen!


Finished plate


In Closing

We had this amazing day


An emotional closing circle


and all left feeling a little Euphoric and fortunate to have been a part of such a special event.


I’d like to thank our hosts Gabrielle & Thomas Chavez and everyone else that made this event possible!

Beat the “Winter Blues” With This Quick & Easy Juice Drink

10 Minutes or less Raw Juice

What a great way to start your day or cure a case of the wintertime blues. If you are in a rainy climate as I am, you’ll especially enjoy this simple energy boosting drink!

5 to 7 Organic Carrots

I use veggie wash and a good brush, trimming off tops

Generous Handful of Parsley

Wash & trim stems


1/2 inch of Fresh Ginger Root

Use a spoon or veggie peeler to remove outer shell

4 Kale Stalks or Stems

I usually have bunches of Kale Stems left over which are great for adding additional vitamins and nutrients to my juice drink.


Place all of the above in a juicer.

Be sure to save the left over pulp for your future cracker or bread recipes!

For those of you not into raw veggie drinks, this would be a good one to start with.

The carrots are so naturally sweet that you can’t taste the kale & the parsley leaves a clean crisp finish to the drink.



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