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2 responses to “Contact Us

  • aude Ettori

    HI there 🙂
    I was hunting for raw recipe books, but as i live in france, i can’t find many ingredients that you often use (Young coconut and kale, are nowhere to b found, year around to name a few)
    I’m interested in Your books but a bit worried that too many recipe might call for them.
    Would you suggest replacement ? ( can cabagde substitute for kale ? what about the young coconut ?)
    DOes the latest “recipe in less than 30 minutes) call less for the coconut ?
    I’m dead over the dessert book too, but without the coconut flesh so many things seems out of the question (sooo sad ><)
    thank you very much

    • Global Raw


      I would love to help you with substitutions, but I need specific recipes that you are trying to make so that I can properly advise you. There are just so many directions that could go.
      Depending on your recipes, here are a few examples for you.
      Coconut= Sub for cashew nuts for your creamer recipes and for your breads/ wraps that call for it replace with zucchini squash (peel removed)
      Kale= Sub for spinach
      Recipes 30 minutes or less, can be anything! The key is to pick a food prep day or couple of days and plan out your weeks menu. This would allow you to put together tasty wraps, salads and cracker/ bread with pate spreads.
      Desserts are a blast! Use dates, raw rolled oats, your favorite spices and add raisins or currants to make a basic cookie.
      I hope that helps you. 🙂

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