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It’s time to make eating healthy easy and fun. Learn alongside a Raw Certified Vegan Chef and Instructor, Teri Vlaskamp. Choose from a specially designed class for an individual, couple or group interested in learning more about living foods and vegan cuisine.

After you have selected a course, you will receive a questionnaire to get to know you a little better and to make sure that we are providing you all the tools and experience you are seeking. Whether it’s a specific topic or a lifestyle change that brought you here, we welcome you and enjoy the opportunity to share a delicious lifestyle with you!



Custom Class Series

(Recommended for people new to raw cuisine)

The class is an interactive and customized 3 -4 hour interactive experience. A tailored curriculum, that focuses on your personal needs and goals. Learn how to prepare raw cuisine side by side with me, where I will share tips and tricks on how to prepare raw cuisine like a pro!

You will purchase the pre approved menu items and we will prepare those items together. At the conclusion of our time together you will have several of your favorite dishes to enjoy throughout the week aiding in your transition off cooked foods.

In addition, you will receive a custom binder with the basics on the raw food lifestyle/ recipes, pantry review, custom shopping list(s), equipment list, tools needed, Q & A and FUN.

Individual $185.00

Couple $250.00




Raw Food 101

Learn in the comfort of your own home, during this 1 ½ hour crash course introduction into Raw Vegan Cuisine.  Included in the class series is: Recipes, Equipment Lists, Food, Lots of Sampling, Interactive Food Demonstration and FUN!

Select from one of the following topics.

  1. Fresh Raw Organic Nut Milks: “How To” Make your own delicious Nut Milks, Smoothies, Nut Flours & Raw Ice Cream.
  1. Raw Snacks: Great for someone thinking about transitioning into Raw food. We will send you a list of delectable goodies to choose from for your demonstration.
  1. All About Desserts: A class all about desserts, does it get any better than this? Learn how to make  quick & easy desserts using natural sweeteners, nutrient dense, practically guilt  free dishes!
  2. Kefir: Learn how to work with these ancient grains and make your own pro- biotic drinks! Class includes recipes, tasting(s), equipment lists and your very own kefir grains to start brewing your creations.

$65.00 Individual

$85.00 Couple

$40.00 For groups of 5 or more



 Raw Cuisine Made Easy

It’s time to make eating healthy easy and fun. Being offered is a 3 + hour in home visit with a predetermined set class of your choice. This series is also great for “girls/ guys night out” and couples.


You may select one from the following classes:

  1. Raw Snacks: Learn all about how to snack with these decadent treats; Apple Cinnamon Cookies, Sour Cream & Herb Kale Chips and Southwest Corn Chips.
  2. Desserts: Cook like a Chef with these tasty offerings; Cacao Truffles, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Orange Spice Cookies.
  3. Transition into Raw with Savory Dishes: Choose from an array of my most popular Entrees, so tasty you can’t tell it’s good for you!
  4. Fermented Foods: We will be making Coconut Kefirs, Coconut Yogurts & Basic Tree Nut Cheeses.
  5. Breads and Crackers: Learn how to make an array of Savory & Sweet Breads and Crackers.
  6. Artisan Cheeses: Attention all you cheese lovers out there, this class is for you! Step by Step of how to make Artisan Raw Vegan Organic Cheeses and accompanying Crackers for the tasting.
  7. Dude Food: Raw food is not for sissies! Learn how to replace all your hardy favorites with a choice of; Lasagna, Tacos, Portobello Burgers, Pad Thai, Enchiladas, Macho Nachos and Spaghetti. Classes are customized with 3 courses; meal one being an entrée that you select.

 Classes include: Recipes, equipment lists, food for the class, lots of sampling, interactive food demonstration up to four dishes depending on topic and FUN.

Feel free to inquire direct about any topic not listed that you have an interest in.

 Individual $95.00

Couple: $120.00

Groups of 5 or more: $55.00 (per person)


Kids and Raw Cuisine

This course offering is near and dear to my heart. Learn from all our trials and tribulations on how to get your toddlers and children to eat healthy. Choose one from the following classes.


Kids & Raw Snacks 101:

Not sure how to start into raw food or how you’ll start to transition your children off sugary snacks and cooked foods? This fun informative class will give you the tools on how to prepare your own healthy and delicious raw/ vegan snacks. Based on your family’s tastes we will send you a list of goodies to choose from for your demonstration. You will then receive a shopping list dependant on the demonstration of your choice. You will then learn side by side how to prepare raw treats and snacks. At the end of our time together you will have treats to enjoy throughout the week to get you started.

Class includes: Recipes, equipment lists, lots of sampling, interactive food demonstration and FUN.

Family Class: $95.00


Disease Proof Your Child Through Diet:

Special guest speaker Joseph T. Harper shares his philosophies based on Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s teachings.

Class begins with a tutorial from Joseph that will touch on key points of how to raise healthy children. Chef Teri Vlaskamp will close the class with healthy popular kid menu options.

Class Includes: Lecture and literature from Joseph T. Harper, Food instruction and demonstration, lots of tasting(s), recipes, equipment lists, question and answers.

This exclusive class is available to Groups of 6 or more at $45.00 a person.


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